About Us

DPUK has been set up to coordinate effort and share common resources and learnings in order to establish Dynamic Food Procurement in every region across the UK. DPUK has been formed as a company limited by guarantee, currently with a sole Director, Glenn Woodcock. There are no shareholders and no significant economic or financial benefit is foreseen for the company. DPUK has been formed for philanthropic reasons: to grasp the immediate opportunity to bring Dynamic Food Procurement to life in the public sector.


Support Us

DPUK Food welcomes support from businesses, local authorities and anchor institutions who want to help bring to life this fantastic opportunity for transformative change. If you would like to join us on this important journey please get in touch to discuss how you may be able to support our work. Please email info@dpukfood.co.uk and we will arrange a good time for a chat.

Our Supporters


Equilibrium Markets


DPUK Food is delighted to be supported by Equilibrium Markets (EM) who have experience of implementing Dynamic Food Procurement in the public and private sectors. It was EM's technology (called AgileChain™) that was used in the pivotal Dynamic Food Procurement pilot in Bath and North East Somerset.

From EM, Rich Osborn, Tracey King and Ben Peel are supporting the DPUK team, bringing extensive experience of managing Dynamic Food Procurement on the ground.

Tracey, EM’s Business Administrator, will be supporting DPUK as a Coordinator and first point of contact, responding to enquiries from regional anchor institutions and food networks as well as supporting events and workshops.

Rich, EM’s CEO and founding Director has worked for many years bringing Dynamic Food Procurement to life in the UK and abroad. He co-founded the Dynamic Food Procurement Advisory Board and now sits as a member alongside DEFRA, The Soil Association and the NFU amongst others.

Ben, EM’s Capability and Development Manager has extensive experience within the food industry and insight into above grounding and real-world traction. Ben is supporting DPUK with understanding the needs of key players in the food supply chain and using this knowledge to help advise us on our journey to establishing nationwide dynamic food procurement.


DPUK expects that an open procurement will take place to appoint the Technology and Management agent(s) in the future. This procurement will be run by a purchasing body independent of DPUK. We invite all interested parties for this to register their interest so that we can keep you informed of all updates regarding this opportunity.


Dynamic Food Procurement Advisory Board

Advisory Board members support DPUK by sharing resources and expertise. For example, Chrissie Storry - Coordinator at the Advisory Board - regularly offers insights based on her procurement experience and advises based on learnings from the Bath and North East Somerset pilot where she was one of the procurement officers. Bethan Williams, the Chair of the Advisory Board and Head of Food Service and Procurement at The NFU also supports DPUK by giving talks at events and linking us with NFU representatives across the country.