The Dixon Foundation
Match Funding Challenge 

In partnership with DPUK Food, The Dixon Foundation created a match funding challenge to form regional food hubs across the UK. Regions that have been successful in securing match funding will be notified in early June and DPUK Food look forward to working with them to kick-start the establishment of dynamic food procurement in the UK public sector.

How can we shorten and improve the transparency of supply chains used by public sector anchor institutions food procurers in the UK? 


The opportunity was launched with a webinar in January 2022, you can watch the recording below. The presentation from the webinar is available here.

Guidance on Use of Funds

Below we  suggest how funds could be used to establish Dynamic Food Procurement in each region. The guidance relates to The Dixon Foundation’s Dynamic Food Procurement challenge and is focused particularly on the level 2 and level 3 funding.

£100,000 loan* - Creating regional infrastructure for dynamic food procurement


Alongside match funding from The Dixon Foundation this could provide £200,000. DPUK understands that multiple anchor institutions within a region as defined by DPUK could come together to provide the £100,000 lending required.


DPUK suggest funds could be used for the following purposes:


  • To appoint and fund a buying organisation capable of hosting the Dynamic Food Procurement** Framework and procuring the technology and managing agent, logistics providers and food producers and suppliers. This buying organisation could be an existing buying organisation or could be a newly established buying organisation.

  • To support some of the costs of a regional food hub capable of providing vision, engagement, education, enabling and executional support to anchor institutions, caterers, producers/suppliers and food logistics providers.

  • To appoint and fund the costs of a technology and managing agent with the proven capability in the area of providing technology and management services in Dynamic Food Procurement and short supply chain logistics within the public sector catering environment. Technology modules must facilitate dynamic procurement, producer and supplier access, multiple logistics provider management of all stages of the supply chain and for end customer caterers and cooks to manage their orders, deliveries and invoice/billing. All via fully responsive digital modules. Services and capabilities of the managing agent should also include:

    • Project leadership and ongoing project management

    • Supplier and product procurement and awarding

    • User training and support / customer service


£50,000 grant - Implementing dynamic food procurement in a county

Alongside match funding from The Dixon Foundation this could provide £100,000 for the purposes listed below. Multiple anchor institutions within a region as defined by DPUK could come together to provide the £50,000 grant required.


Funds are to be used for the following purposes:

  • Appoint a technology and managing agent with evidence of past proven technology and management capability in the area of implementing Dynamic Food Procurement** within the public sector catering environment.  The technology and managing agent will use these funds to fulfil the following responsibilities in the initial phase of the project:

    • Provision of online stores for buyers – curated to feature the products required consistent with latest government buying standards.

    • Logistics provider management, including early stage supply chain dispute resolution

    • Accounting, Finance & Invoice/Billing Support

    • Technology integrations with Logistics Provider software and caterer accounting software

    • Rigorous and granular data management from primary producer through each member of the chain to the buyer.

*This will be perpetual debt that pays +2% interest above base rate from year 3 following the loan issue. These funds are lent at the risk of The Anchor Institution(s) and The Dixon Foundation and may not be returned. The liability for this loan will sit with the Buying Organisation that is formed or joined for this purpose for which participating Anchor Institutions are a part.

**Dynamic Food Procurement as per the requirements called for in recommendation 13 of The National Food Strategy (

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