Our aim is to support the implementation of Dynamic Food Procurement across the UK

A Transformative Force for Good

Dynamic Food Procurement uses innovative technology to create an open digital marketplace that enables shorter, more transparent food supply chains which will deliver significant social, economic and environmental benefits for everyone. 

The improved food supply chain transparency created by Dynamic Food Procurement is crucial in order to make the informed choices needed to address real issues within every region of the UK.

The reality is that today, we don’t have that transparency. The government spends £2.4 Billion on food and catering in the UK every year yet little is really known about how and where that money is being spent. There is an urgent need for local anchor institutions in the UK to take control of food supply chains. More transparent food supply chains will help address issues of climate change, biodiversity, food security, poverty and diet-related disease. 

Proven to work

Dynamic Food Procurement has already been successfully piloted in Bath and North East Somerset, where more than three million meals were provided in the region’s primary schools using this approach. In Bridgwater, £10 million a year is spent at Hinkley Point Power Station through dynamic food procurement. These pilots allowed SME producers to access a market previously difficult to penetrate, and resulted in both environmental and financial cost reductions. As a result, the National Food Strategy published in 2021 recommends UK wide implementation of Dynamic Food Procurement.

Widely Supported

Supporters of the Dynamic Food Procurement model include The National Food Strategy, The National Farmers Union, the Soil Association, Sustain, The Sustainable Food Trust and Sustainable Food Places. You can hear from leaders of these organisations and more about their support by watching a recording of the DPUK Food launch event here. 

In late 2020 a government inquiry led by the EFRA committee called for the immediate application of Dynamic Food Procurement across the UK consistent with the Bath and North East Somerset pilot. 


DPUK Food is supporting the national take up of a dynamic food procurement model to drive positive change for the environment, the economy and public health.